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Students still can’t keep variables straight and don’t care? These no-prep resources from The Morehouse Magic are the perfect solution to get your students engaged now!

How is it that students seem to forget the difference between independent and dependent variables even though we review them every.single.year?! Even if you teach NGSS and don’t start off with a unit on the scientific method, I would still encourage you to take a day or two and review variables and give students an opportunity to practice. I have a number of activities to help you!

DOODLE NOTES: This doodle note lesson includes everything you need to review variables. You will receive differentiated versions of the doodle note page (which also makes a great anchor chart students can reference all year), a PowerPoint to accompany the lesson, a reading passage, and a quiz. If you are teaching virtually, be sure to check out the digital version of this activity.

TASK CARDS: Task cards are a great way for students to practice new content. This set of 24 task cards covers variables, controls, constants, and testable questions. If you are teaching virtually, be sure to check out the digital version of this activity.

Science Variables Task Cards

COLORING PAGE: Already reviewed variables but want an engaging practice worksheet? This coloring page is a fun way for students to demonstrate their learning while coloring. Be sure to check out the winter version as well. Your artistic students will be thanking you!

Want to save some money? Be sure to check out the bundle price!

Science Variables Bundle

Once students have a grasp of variables then the fun begins- letting them experiment! What is your favorite middle school science experiment you do every year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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